CIP Hall service



CIP hall passengers get exclusive services and complete their check-in and other pre / post flight formalities prior to domestic or international flights.


CIP hall representative welcomes guests in the plane and escorts them by dedicated CIP minibus to the comfortable hall. Passengers pass passport control (on international arrival). While the staff is involved in delivery of baggage, guests will be offered drinks and snacks.


CIP agent makes check-in at the CIP hall and helps guests go through the procedure of passport and customs control (on international departure). After this, guests can relax in a cozy room. They will be offered drinks and snacks. Also wireless Internet access, television, print products are at the guests disposal. As soon as a landing flight is announced, CIP representative escorts passengers by dedicated CIP minibus to the plane.

CIP passengers always have priority on boarding on the plane and during baggage delivery.

Either individual person or companies may use CIP lounge services by the use of cash or bank transfer
One, who wishes can also use the CIP lounge without prior application and pay for services in cash desk upon arrival/before departure

The CIP lounge charges as follow:

Arrivals - 10000 tenge / pass
Departure - 13000 tenge / pass 
Children from 2-to 12 - 50% off 
Greeters / mourners - 1000 tenge / person

For more information and to book CIP lounge, please call:

Tel: + 7 (7292) 60-97-48 (24/7)
Fax: + 7 (7292) 60-97-49